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Qsaki Embedding Excellence

Qsaki, based and head quartered in Bangalore, specializes in embedded computing with emphasis in power electronics.


Product Details  :  800VA ULTRA LOW COST INVERTER (25F25)





Ultra Low-Cost BOM


Suitable upto 800VA


Computer compatibility option


In built triac based charger (Normal, Boost)


Mains High, Low voltage cutoff


Option for external/built-in Bypass relay


180V to 270V regulated output in inverter & mains for any load


Changeover near to zero current/zero voltage


Can accept any input waves like sine wave, generator waves etc. if voltage & frequency is within limit


Overload restart up to 5 times


Automatic battery health checkup as well as battery bad detection


Preset calibration and jumper settings are for different functionality


RMC lower than imaginable level


Single sided PCB (10.2 cm *10.2 cm) with all functions built in


Zero current drain from battery after any trip conditions


Error code display on LEDs to diagnose hard and soft errors




VA Rating : 200VA to 800VA
MAINS Input range
Normal mode : 90V to 300V Adjustable
Computer mode : 180V to 280V Adjustable
Input DC : 12V
Input frequency range : 40 to 60 HZ
Inverter output frequency : 49 to 51 HZ
Output waveform : PWM square
Output voltage in inverter & mains : 200V to 250V
Inverter efficiency : > 70%
Power factor : 0.6
Typical transfer time : <10 ms

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